Optimizing App Performance in the Cloud

Today's hybrid cloud architectures render traditional application performance troubleshooting and monitoring methods obsolete. Compounding matters, the wide-scale use of microservices and containers, and the adoption of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) principles mean constant change making it increasingly harder to pinpoint issues. During this Network Computing webinar we’ll discuss these issues and more.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend and you’ll learn:

  • How the move to cloud and modern deployment practices make it hard to monitor application performance.
  • How the use of hybrid architectures, microservices, and containers makes it hard to visualize dependencies that can contribute to performance degradation and problems.
  • Why observability solutions that make use of change-to-problem mapping and automation are gaining favor.

Featured Speakers

  • Andy Froehlich
    Andy Froehlich
    President and Lead Engineer
    West Gate Networks

    A highly experienced network architect and trusted IT consultant with worldwide contacts, particularly in the United States and SE Asia, Andrew has nearly two decades of experience and possesses multiple industry certifications in the field of enterprise networking. Andrew has participated in the design and maintenance of networks for State Farm Insurance, United Airlines, Chicago-area schools, and the University of Chicago Medical Center. He is founder and president of Loveland, Colo.-based West Gate Networks, which specializes in enterprise network architectures and data center buildouts. The author of two Cisco certification study guides published by Sybex, he is a regular contributor to multiple enterprise IT-related websites and trade journals, offering insights into rapidly changing developments in the IT industry.

  • Allyson Barr
    Allyson Barr

    Allyson Barr is an experienced, end-to-end, metrics-based Marketing executive, with 20 years’ experience leading B2B enterprise marketing, business development, and product in the technology industry in North America and internationally. At StackState, she oversees the company's global marketing initiatives.

  • Mark Arts
    Mark Arts
    Senior Solutions Engineer

    Mark Arts has over 20+ years of experience in IT. He is an evangelist of Observability for IT Operations and highly specialized in this domain. As a Senior Sales Engineer, he is the key person between the sales-, development department, and the customer.

  • Sal Salamone
    Sal Salamone
    Managing Editor
    Network Computing

    Salvatore Salamone is the managing editor of Network Computing. He has worked as a writer and editor covering business, technology, and science. He has written three business technology books and served as an editor at IT industry publications including Network World, Byte, Bio-IT World, Data Communications, LAN Times, and InternetWeek.

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