How to Break the I/O Bottleneck

How to Break the I/O Bottleneck


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Duration 60min
Andrew Conry-Murray
Network Computing
Andrew Conry-Murray
Andrew Conry-Murray is Editor of Network Computing. He’s been covering the technology industry since 2000, with an emphasis on network management, security, virtualization and content management. He also works closely with the Interop conference as a track chair and content advisor. He’s the author of the book The Symantec Guide to Home Internet Security.
Jasmine McTigue
Principal, Lead Analyst
McTigue Analytics
Jasmine McTigue
Jasmine McTigue is principal and lead analyst of McTigue Analytics and an InformationWeek and Network Computing contributor, specializing in emergent technology, automation/orchestration, virtualization of the entire stack and the conglomerate we call cloud. She also has experience in storage and programmatic integration.

Jasmine began writing computer programs in Basic on one of the first IBM PCs; by 14 she was building and selling PCs to family and friends while dreaming of becoming a professional hacker. After a stint as a small-business IT consultant, she moved into the ranks of enterprise IT, demonstrating a penchant for solving "impossible" problems in directory services, messaging and systems integration. When virtualization changed the IT landscape, she embraced the technology as an obvious evolution of service delivery even before it attained mainstream status and has been on the cutting edge ever since. Her diverse experience includes system consolidation, ERP, integration, infrastructure, next-generation automation, and security and compliance initiatives in public safety, municipal government and the private sector.

New chips offer a plethora of features, including new support for atomic transactions, reduced power consumption, dramatically improved memory bandwidth and on-the-die security enhancements. In this webinar, we’ll discuss various input/output (I/O) bottlenecks on servers (DRAM, system bus-to-peripheral/network interfaces) and what next-generation servers are doing in that regard.

Register to learn how to:

  • Improve performance of existing workloads
  • Increase workload density by leveraging improved bandwidth
  • Improve security all the way down to the chip with new features
  • Reduce power consumption while delivering enterprise performance. 

Attend this webinar to explore how to streamline and improve high-density workload performance, save energy and improve your security posture just by buying a new rack of servers. 

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