Managing a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

The fast pace of application development, deployment, and continuous modification in business today requires a flexible and dynamic infrastructure to support DevOps and NetOps activities. Most companies use a hybrid cloud infrastructure, which matches these requirements. The challenge is how to manage this infrastructure to ensure performance and security needs are met. 

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Join us in this Network Computing webinar where we will discuss these issues and more. Attend and you'll learn about the:

  • Net management challenges of DevOps and NetOps in a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Role of network management in meeting performance and security requirements in hybrid cloud environments.
  • Need for centralized management to speed application delivery and eliminate problems.

Featured Speakers

  • Howard M. Cohen
    Howard M. Cohen
    Senior Resultant
    HMC Write Now

    Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen is a 35+ year executive veteran of the Information Technology industry who today writes for and about the IT channel. He’s a frequent speaker at IT industry events that include Microsoft Inspire, Citrix Synergy/Summit, ConnectWise IT Nation, ChannelPro Forums, Cloud Partners Summit, MicroCorp One-On-One, and CompTIA ChannelCon, frequently hosts and presents webinars for many vendors & publications. Connect with Howard at [email protected] and review his portfolio at

  • Andrew Wertkin
    Andrew Wertkin
    Chief Strategy Officer

    As Chief Strategy Officer, Andrew works closely with BlueCat’s CEO and executive team to chart BlueCat’s couse as it continues to build market share. Previously BlueCat’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, Andrew also works with leading enterprises and technology partners as BlueCat creates more value for its current and prospective customers.

  • Sal Salamone
    Sal Salamone
    Managing Editor
    Network Computing

    Salvatore Salamone is the managing editor of Network Computing. He has worked as a writer and editor covering business, technology, and science. He has written three business technology books and served as an editor at IT industry publications including Network World, Byte, Bio-IT World, Data Communications, LAN Times, and InternetWeek.

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